MenuPad controls all your digital content from one cloud based dashboard.

We designed MenuPad to perfectly integrate with most major POS systems and create a more engaging, interactive customer experience. All to increase guest satisfaction, while lowering operating costs. Just look at the many benefits this technology delivers to help drive your bottom line.

Pay right at the table

Re-order food & drinks any time

Order from the device

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EMV Pay at the Table

Save money on EMV charge backs

  • Elegant User Experience
  • Guest Email Capture
  • Guest Surveys
  • Custom Branding
  • Split Checks/Pay-By-Item
  • Faster Table Turns
  • Promo Pages
  • Tip Calculator

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MenuPad streamlines EVERYTHING. It gives you faster ticket times with less order error. Upselling feels organic without server prompts. And, it seamlessly integrates with most POS systems so FOH and BOH communicate with ease. Everyone from servers to guests will find amazing value in MenuPad. Everyone.

MenuPad Solutions



PayPad is the easiest point-of-entry to help transition into full-mode integration if wanted. After a guest has eaten, they simply swipe and pay when they’re ready. They can even tip from PayPad.

Table Mode

Table Mode

Placed directly into the hands of the customer, Table Mode allows guests to take full control of their dining experience from order to payment.

Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode

Perfect for the Fast Casual environment, Kiosk Mode increases order efficiency and reduces order error, giving your staff more time to focus on the customer experience.

Server Mode

Server Mode

Empower your staff with more product detail, giving them the opportunity to keep the guests thoroughly informed. All while reducing order error.



Put the power of MenuPad at the fingertips of the customer, right on their own device! The App offers simple download and navigation for quick, full-service ordering from any smart phone.

Online Ordering

Online Ordering

Implement the most hassle-free, customizable ordering option for your on-the-go customer. This seamless solution allows patrons to avoid long lines and enjoy easy pickup.

Nonintegrated POS Mode also available.

Technology Designed To Create
A More Exciting, Interactive Experience.

Meal‑time Multi‑tasking

For those who can never stick to just one thing at a time, iOS devices give your customer the chance to engage with the menu while surfing the web.

Protect Your Investment

You’ll never have to worry about keeping track of all your iOS devices, because they’ll actually keep track of themselves.

Customized Experiences

With Guided Access, you can tailor the customer experience on all your iOS devices with the simple touch of a button.

Created for restaurateurs
by restaurateurs.

MenuPad’s full suite of products can be tailored to fit the individual needs of the restaurateurs we serve. So you can spend more time addressing the needs of the people you serve.

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About MenuPad

In 2013, MenuPad was launched in Tampa, FL. As technology evolves in the restaurant industry, our mission at MenuPad is to create more interactive and engaging customer experiences that will generate higher revenues and increase margins. The integration of the MenuPad application will enhance server and guest satisfaction immediately.

Have More Questions?

This can vary depending on the scale of the implementation and the operator’s ability to secure all needed resources (menu copy, plated images, branding elements and correct system requirements) as well as operator input. Typically, however, it takes 2-4 weeks to fully implement.

Since the menu listings and branding are controlled in the cloud-based control panel, your branding and full menu implementation is done with relative ease.

Because MenuPad is just a software application that runs on iPads, operators are responsible for leasing or buying the iPads, printers, charging stations, safes and any ancillary equipment that is required and/or desired.

Our Rules Engine easily allows for scheduled price changes that can accommodate a range of Special Pricing menus, Happy Hour menus as well as dietary restrictions (e.g. gluten-free options).

MenuPad is software on the device so operators can choose to allow their guests to use other features of the iPads, including games, music, browsing, etc. Ultimately, your operation is responsible for all security and access of their devices and network.

Because MenuPad securely passes transaction information to the POS, payments are processed just as you did prior to using MenuPad.

The leading point of sale systems. But since technology is changing so quickly check with your sales manager to confirm MenuPad will seamlessly integrate with your current POS.

If you would like to learn more about MenuPad, please feel free to contact us.

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We’d be happy to schedule a private demo with you at your convenience to personally show you all the powerful capabilities of MenuPad’s technology.

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